Robert Mark Thompson

for Idaho Falls City Council

Rob Thompson brings a new skill set to the Idaho Falls Council, As a financial professional, Rob has a working knowledge of Economics, Business, and Accounting principles.

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Family Friendly – Business Friendly

Families make our communities strong. It is crucial that our community does what it can to support self reliant families. Families become self-reliant when jobs are available, and even better when families can start small businesses of their own. Helping small businesses navigate, and in some instances eliminate the red tape of government, paired with incentives also supports strong, healthy families. Too often I have witnessed businesses choose to locate their business outside of the Idaho Falls city limits. Businesses choosing to establish business elsewhere is the canary in the coal mine. High taxes, little to no planning, and red tape is the cause.

Securing our Future
through Financial Strength

The greatest migration of people in the United States since the Great Depression is happening right now. Because of our conservative heritage, Idaho Falls is the beneficiary of this migration. It is important that we acknowledge the trend and adapt to the growing population of like-minded citizens moving here. This can only happen through financial strength and treating pooled tax dollars as sacred. Governments typically will spend everything taxpayers give it. As a city council member, I will be that watchman on the tower ensuring fiscal responsibility.

is the Key

Our current communication laws are written around old infrastructure. I feel the city government has the responsibility to seek out the partnership of its citizens through creative communication. Too often, our citizens learn of a decision made by the council and feel betrayed as a result of little citizen input. While the laws of notification may have been technically satisfied, but our citizens demand more in today’s digital age.

Breaking Down

Barriers currently exist between our city and county governments. This has cost Idaho Falls taxpayers dearly. Idaho Falls is the crown jewel of Bonneville County. In many ways, we as Idaho Falls citizens, provide services to the entire county. It is crucial that we have a good working relationship with Bonneville County and other cities. Finding a common cause, and building working relationships is the answer.

Heavy-handed Government
Can Have a Negative Impact

There are many things the government should not be involved in. Government is not designed to solve every citizen’s problems. Heavy handed government can create more problems than it solves. The Federal and State Constitutions place limits that protect against government abuse. Do we want a city government that protects our rights, freedoms and opportunity for happiness? I pledge to honor the blessings of liberty for all.


Tale of Two Cities

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness.” This story by Charles Dickens tells of the contrast and comparison of Paris and London and the dark and difficult days during the French Revolution. Today we live in a time of political and Cultural Revolution within the United States of America. The worst of us are working hard to undermine a sense of community and liberty. The best of us are working hard to maintain that sense of community…

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$30 million Police Station in Idaho Falls

We have an amazing police force here in Idaho Falls. In the current political environment, it is important that the police have our undivided support. They have a thankless job keeping us safe. We must support our local police in their difficult task of keeping law and order in these uncertain times.

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City Club Forum

Today I participated in a candidate luncheon conducted by The City Club of Idaho Falls. When I attended I was surprised to learn that all 3 incumbents had been invited and only I as a challenger. I agreed to go along with the exercise because I felt it was important for the city of Idaho Falls to hear a different perspective than those already on the council. I was asked a question and did not have time to respond to in a thoughtful way….

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Let’s Do This Together

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